What Reviewers Are Saying About

African Music:  A Pan-African Annotated Bibliography

"...This work merits acquisition by all collections with an African component and those interested in the many interdisciplinary implications of the subject."

"This is an indispensable reference work for students and scholars of African music...Lems-Dworkin's annotations are informed, intelligent, and sometimes pleasingly idiosyncratic."

"This is a wonderfully human bibliography which covers a lively subject...a spirited work...The bibliography is well researched, and is a timely and lively addition to the list of useful ...works."

"There are a large number of concise but highly informative annotations...This is a very timely and essential publication, cutting across several disciplines..."

"...the annotations are pithy and informative...the technical presentation is excellent...should become a standard reference work in the field. Tertiary and public libraries will profit from its broad cross-disciplinary approach, and the quantity of data will aid both the scholar and student."

"This comprehensive annotated bibliography is primarily an update and expansion of a number of reference sources published nearly three decades ago (i.e., the bibliographies of L.J.P. Gaskin/Klaus Wachsmann, Alan P. Merriam, Darius Thieme, and Douglas Varley). At the same time, it constitutes the largest, broadest-based and most unified bibliography of its kind yet to appear. Thirty years of African musicology are covered, including 1,700 titles that embrace all of Africa, its islands, and the New World. Author and Subject Indexes facilitate research. Illustrated."